Happy Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja Day

Vishwakarma Deva is regarded the divine God for all works. He is the holy engineer who knows how to manage any demanding job.  Vishwakarma Puja is done in all factories where there is the use of the machine. Nowadays, Vishwakarma puja day is celebrated in companies and also manufacturing units.  Weavers, artisans, craftsmen, small-scale engineers all celebrate Vishwakarma puja day in their workplace. However, with the blessings of the Divine engineer, they want to proceed in life and go ahead in career.  On the day of Vishwakarma puja, the priest performs Havana and puja with necessary ingredients like ghee, earth, Chandan, flowers, and machinery.Happy Vishwakarma Puja

According to mythology, Vishwakarma was called for the construction of Indraprastha for the Pandavas in Mahabharata.  He is the God worshipped for delivering structural excellence.   It’s said that any construction work, however difficult it is made more comfortable with the blessings of Vishwakarma Deva.  It’s supposed in another mythology, Vishwakarma Deva was asked to construct a room for the couple Behula and Lokkhinder where he was asked to make it airtight. But since he faced a threat from Manasha, the Goddess of snake that his lineage will be destroyed from her venom, Vishwakarma kept a little gap. It was said that a snake came from that and then sting Lokkhindar, the son of Chand Saudagar.  Lord Vishwakarma later accepted his fault. Vishwakarma is assigned a day as his birthday, but since the solar calendar could not determine the right day, it shifts every year.

Generally, on the day of Vishwakarma Puja, all machinery is worshipped. That day no mechanism can be used. So, all factories and manufacturing units celebrate a day off. Craftsmen, weavers also worship Vishwakarma Deva.  He is regarded as the creator of the world, and he created the world on the order of Brahma.