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If you are living in the state of Uttar Pradesh and planning to buy any land, property, house then you must verify its record via offline or online method whichever is your favorite? If you want to verify land record via offline then you have to visit the concern office and have to ask for the document where you can see the copy of the document and can verify it. However most of people don’t have time to visit the govt. office for the same but now the govt. of Uttar Pradesh is providing the facility to check the land record online via the Khasra Number in UP.

Yes, you read it correct that you can check the land record online in Uttar Pradesh for this you have to access the official portal UP Bhulekhand have to follow few simple steps which I will share with you in this article this is really one of the best example of Digital India as you can view the land record online via the Khasra, Khatauni Number or Owner Name from the comfort of your home which will save your time and money and the best part is you can also take the print of the result you see on the portal and can use it accordingly as per your need so without taking any more time let’s move on how to check land record with Khasra Number, Khatuni Number or Owner Name online on UP Bhulekh.

Check Imitation of Khatoni by Khasra Number Online at UPBhulekh 2019

If you know the khasra number of land property you plan to buy then easily you can check its Khatoni details for this you just have to access the below said steps:

Step 1: First of all you have to access the official portal of Revenue Department & Uttar Pradesh Govt UP Bhulekh which can be access from here as well UPBHULEKH.GOV.IN

Step 2: After accessing the official portal of upbhulekh you will see following option on the header of the page.

  • 1. Code of Revenue Village Khatoni (राजस्वग्रामखतोनी का कोड जाने),
  • 2. Know the Unique Code of Plot / Gata (भूखंड / गाटे का यूनिक कोड जाने),
  • 3. Know the status of plots (भूखंड / गाटे के वाद ग्रस्त होने की स्तिथि जाने),
  • 4. Know the status of sale of plots (भूखंड / गाटे के विक्रय की स्तिथि जाने),
  • 5. See imitation of Khatoni (rights record) (खतोनी (अधिकार अभिलेख) की नक़ल देखे),
  • 6. See duplicate fragmentation (खतोनी अंश निर्धारण की नक़ल देखे).

The website is also mentioned some helpful links which can be view via scrolling down.

Step 3: Here you have to click on option number 5 “See imitation of Khatoni (rights record) (खतोनी (अधिकार अभिलेख) की नक़ल देखे),” after clicking on it, an pop window will be appear on the screen where you have to enter the captcha code in the prescribe box.

Step 4: Now the new page will be appear on the screen where you have to choose your District, then Tehsil and Finally Village in sequence. As there are several village in Tehsil for your help the website listed a chart via which you can find the village name quickly for this you just have to click on the first letter of your village name and list of all villages which starts with same letter will appear and you can easily navigate to your village name and click on it.

Step 5: Once you choose the village name the new box will appear on the same screen where you can see following options

  • “Search by Khasra / Gata Number” (खसरा / गाटा संख्या द्वारा खोजे) ,
  • “Search by Account Number” (खाता संख्या द्वारा खोजें),
  • “Search by Account Holder Name” (खातेदार के नाम द्वारा खोजें)

If you know the Khasra number choose the first option however if you don’t know the Khasra Number of account Number then don’t worry you can also check the land record via the name of the owner or account holder so choose the appropriate option accordingly here I am assuming that you have chosen the Khasra / Gata Number.

Step 6: As you choose the option Search by Khasra / Gata Number an box with virtual keyboard on screen will be appear here you have to use the keyboard given on the website now just enter the Khasra Number of click on Search “खोजें” button and finally click on See Example “उदहारण देखे” button.

Step 7: Congratulations now you can view the complete details and copy of Khatoni here you can see the name of the holder and the size of the land the great thing is you can take the print of the displayed result on your screen or can save it in your computer, mobile for further use.

Well it was all about how to check land record online via Khasra Number at UPBhulekh official portal, via this portal you can also raise online complaint related to land record which can be found below on the website and later you can check the status of your complaint and other more if you have any further query can drop us your comment in below box and I will try to answer it as soon as I can and don’t forget to share it with others.

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