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Top 5 Must Have Study Apps For Today’s Students

These days, students are using different mobile applications not only for entertainment but also for studying. Both Android and Apple provide plenty of apps for college students that can be very useful and informative if you want to boost your studying process as well keep up with the times. Below, we have mentioned top 5 must have study apps for college students.

1.      Exam Vocabulary Builder

Do you know that more than 6 million users who have used their Exam Vocabulary Builder app to improve English vocabulary, whether for college freshman/ graduate entrance exams or for language proficiency? Yes, it is true. This app uses “spaced repetition” to help with retention. search and organize features, there are lots of modes, such as Study,  Quiz, Flashcard, etc. Exam Vocabulary Builder app is useful to ESL/ TOEFL students for whom English is not their first language. You can down it this app for free from 9apps that is the Best Apps for Android Mobile.

2. is best for all your English learning needs, with more than 2,000,000 definitions. Also, the main app is free and has search history, a thesaurus word origin and history, synonyms, antonyms, Word of the Day, etc. In-app purchase options include an encyclopedia, medical dictionary, and more. Go for 9Apps App Store Download and install it from there.

3.      Skype

Most of the people thought that Skype is just a communication app. But it can be a study app as well, due to that and its features like text chat, video, file sharing,  voice chat, etc. When it’s cold outside or late or you’re studying last minute for an exam as well as need something from a classmate, then this app can be your saving grace. They could email the scanned notes to you, or share it over Dropbox, but Skype lets you chat with them while they send you the file. In addition to this, when the file has downloaded, your pal can help you decipher their ugly handwriting scrawl thus you can use the notes. Besides, if you a tutor who does not make house calls, then the next best way to have a tutoring session is Skype. Download 9apps APK Latest Version and get installed this from there.

4.      Google Drive

Draw diagrams, build presentations create spreadsheets, take notes, and keep them all in the cloud, approachable from an Internet-connected mobile device or computer when you need them. Apart from this, Google Drive is a collection of cloud-based office apps that includes capabilities for documents, presentations, spreadsheets,  diagrams, etc. Google provides each Drive account with more than enough cloud storage for the files of an average college student. However, if you run out, then you can pay for more.

5.      Quizlet

This is a general study tool and boasts millions of flashcard study sets for plenty of topics, created by students, particularly high school and college. Additionally, if you can’t find the subjects you’re looking for in a large collection, then you can make your own. This app allows you use pictures and audio in your flashcard sets, which adds assortment to the learning process. It has support for other flashcard study apps.