Maharishi Valmiki

Maharishi Valmiki

Maharishi Valmiki is a famous poet who was a master of Sanskrit literature. He is popularly known as the writer of the famous poem Ramayana. Ramayana is taught in various religious school in India and it also forms the base of Hinduism. The original poem written by Maharishi Valmiki consists of 24 thousand shlokas along with 7 cantos.

Story of Ramayana

As per the statistics, the poem Ramayana was composed by Maharishi Valmiki is exactly 4.80 lakh words which are surely a huge number. Talking about Ramayana, it is a story of Lord Rama and his wife Sita. In the poem, Sita is abducted by Ravana and taken to present day’s Sri Lanka where Lord Rama along with Lord Hanuman rescued Sita. The return of Rama to Ayodhya after the exile is celebrated as Deepawali. People are able to find various proofs related to the real life of Lord Rama and Hanuman but believing in the same is a matter of religious believes.Maharishi Valmiki

Early Life of Maharishi Valmiki

Talking about the early life of Maharishi Valmiki, it is known that his birth name was Agni Sharma and he was born in Pracheta. During his life, he started the regular recitation of the word Mara but over the years, the word he recited became the word, Rama. As per the believes, Rama is also known to be a name of Lord Vishnu. The name of the first disciple of Maharishi Valmiki was Lava and Kusha and they were the first two students of Maharishi Valmiki who were taught Ramayana.

Talking about the first verse of Ramayana, it is known that once upon a time, Maharishi Valmiki was going towards river Ganga to take bath but on the way, the across a stream named Tamasa. After this, Maharishi decided to take a dip in the river and at the same time, he saw cranes mating with each other. Out of nowhere, an arrow pierced the male crane which instantly killed him. The trauma and shock of the incident lead to the death of the female crane and that was the time when Maharishi found the hunter. This is the same instant when Maharishi Valmiki cried out thefirst shloka of the Ramayana.

It is also believed that Maharishi Valmiki was earlier born in Treta Yuga and he was Brahma in the Treta Yuga. It is widely believed that the people who want to earn a lot of knowledge should worship Maharishi Valmiki and again, as per a famous belief, Maharishi Valmiki was born again as Tulsidas who wrote Awadhi Hindi version of the poem Ramayana. This new version was known as Ramcharitamanas and it is also quite popular in Hinduism.

There are many temples dedicated to Maharishi Valmiki and one of the most famous temples dedicated to him is in Chennai. It should also be noted that his birth anniversary is celebrated in India s Valmiki Jayanti. His birth is celebrated on the full moon day during Ashwin month as per the Hindu calendar.