Kannada Rajyotsava

Kannada Rajyotsava

Kannada Rajyotsav is the festival celebrated on 1st November in Karnataka. On this day at 1956, all Kannada speaking language people gathered to emerge a different State called Karnataka. The Karnataka flag is hoisted by the Chief Minister of the State, and this is accompanied by concerts, orchestra, and cultural program.

The day is celebrated with great vigor, pomp, and grandeur all around the State.  They hoist a flag and sing the national anthem.  People irrespective of all religion, caste, and creed sing the national anthem and pay respect to the State. This historic decision was taken by Devaraj Asaru, the then Chief Minister of Karnataka in 1973 when Karnataka emerged as a separate state and Utsav began to be followed. This festival is being celebrated by Hindus, Christians, and Muslims as a whole. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is mounted on a vehicle and then the troop parade along the roads.The government proceedings are accompanied by checkered flags and follow the etiquette which is followed hierarchy wise by the Government officers. Various workforces show their respect by wearing T-shirts and headband of flag color.  The flag remains hoisted in the offices of political parties.Kannada Rajyotsava

Even its celebrated at various parts of the globe by non- resident Kannada. It’s marked in places like the USA, middle east, UK, Singapore, Qatar, Muscat, Ireland, Netherland, and Germany.  There are private organizations that celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava meticulously.  Various IT companies, logistic companies, and service industry contribute this celebration by holding cultural events in their premises. They invite political personalities for delivering the motivational speech. Students celebrate this day in school. They parade, perform a cultural program, sing, dance and celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.  They deliver the motivational speech of the emphasis of a mother tongue.

In one word, this is a day which is celebrated with high patriotism and dedication for the soil.