Independence Day
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Independence Day

Independence Day is one of the most important and renowned national celebrations of India, Independence Day celebration occurs every year on 15th August. Independence Day is celebrated by people all across the country, commemorating sacrifices & contribution of National leaders who participated in the freedom struggle for Independence. It is considered as the National holiday for all the educational institutions In India. India had been in the British hands for long years and it attained independence after the long years of slavery. It was extremely difficult to get freedom from British government those days. But, it becomes true due to the sacrifices made by a lot of freedom fighters and pure people. Several independents movement was led in India such as quit India movement and other non-violent movements.

In India, during Independent day State government and private organizations are declared as local holiday. But public transport, police, army, and hospitals work as usual. It is widely celebrated by all government and nongovernment organization, especially in Delhi, the celebration held very famously. All schools and colleges will do some special events on this day, teachers will teach students about the Independence Day.Independence Day

In Independence Day, prime minister of India hoists the INDIA Flag on the Red Fort, New Delhi. After flag hoisting, National anthem song will sing by all participants including prime ministers and other officials. Following this twenty-one, a gunshot is fired by the army in the honor of the freedom fighter who sacrificed their entire life for Country.

The president of India gives a speech about national growth and future development in the evening. And then there will be a huge event held by Indian Army and public sector officers to welcome the president, Prime minister and foreigners who came to visit this auspicious day.

During the Independent day, the celebration will be held all over India where best-ranked officers are awarded by the president.  Prime minister will be giving awards to family members, army officers and other such great individuals who lost their lives for the nation. Flag hoisting is the most important moment in this day, flag hoisting starts exactly in the morning 8:00 AM and Flag off should be before 5:00 PM. There will be a lot of formalities before, during and on the event. People should not hoist the flag at any place rather they should get proper approval from government officials and you have to follow the government rules during flag hoisting. India is flourished with rich cultural heritage historical and architectural value. Independence Day is considered as the most auspicious day in India.

Any public can participate in this flag hoisting event, which may be a School, College, and government offices. The purpose of the celebration is to remember freedom struggle and people whoever sacrifices that life for the nation. Nowadays this celebration not only held in India but also in some places where Indians are living. Each and every individual in India shows patriotism to their nation during this event.