List of Best UPS Inverter Brands & How to Choose Best UPS Home

Are you planning to buy new UPS Inverter for your home or office and confused which inverter brand you should buy? Then it is something you must read because on this page I have shared the list of top 10 best UPS Inverter companies as well as shared how you can choose the best ups inverter brand for your home.

What is inverter and how does it work?

Inverter is a form of UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and it has 3 units which are:

  1. Charger
  2. Battery
  3. & Inverter

When we connect charger to power supply it charges the battery and electricity comes from the utility. In simple way we can say Inverter is a device which converts Direct Current (DC) to Alternation Current (AC) which get activated when the electricity from the utility goes off and as the inverter is connected to the power point, it starts providing electricity to the house.

Now you know what exactly inverter is and how does it work now the most asked question by the consumers and several of my friends and readers of SpeakingTechnically is how much capacity of UPS inverter is best for them. It is explained below.

How much capacity inverter is right for me?

Most of us look for the top 10 best UPS inverter brands but we are not aware about what inverter capacity we should buy to be very honest I was also not aware about it but read over internet and planned to share it with you here.

  1. Calculate Power Usage

Measure how many electrical appliances you want use to during the power cut and after that add the wattage of all those devices to arrive at the total load.

For example:
Tubelight: 40w
Fan: 60W
TV: 120w (32” LCD TV)

These are the tentative power rating of some common electrical appliances. In the example we are taking 3 tubelight, 3 fans & 1 TV. Now calculate the total load.

(3×40) + (3×60) + (1×120) = 420 W

Finally you have total load now you need to calculate inverter capacity required.

  1. Calculate Inverter Capacity Required

We need to calculate the inverter capacity required to handle the measured load. You can use the following formula:

Inverter Capacity (VA) = Load (W) / Power Factor

Power factor is typically 0.6-0.8, depending on the appliances connected to the grid. In the above said example total load was 420 W and assuming power factor 0.8

Inverter Capacity (VA) = 420/0.8 = 525 VA

The nearest highest rating inverter available is 600 VA. So, it would be perfect for our requirement as per given in example.

Type of Inverters?

Two types of Inverters are available in the current markets which are as follows:
Modified Sine Wave Inverters
Pure Sine Wave Inverters

I will recommend you to go with pure sine wave inverters always it could be little expensive in comparison of Modified sine wave inverters but pure sine wave inverters are most efficient typs and necessary to run high-end appliances. Now you can move to list of top 10 best UPS inverter manufacturer in India.

List of Top 10 Best UPS Inverter Brands / Companies / Manufacturer

luminous inverter batter ups image

1 .Luminous Power Technologies Ltd

Well every common people know about this brand as it reach several homes of India and the company was founded in the year 1988 and well known in the industry of Inverter.

  1. Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd

I know you are also aware about this brand as Su-Kam is dominating position in the Indian market, it has a strong footing worldwide. All Su-Kam Inverter and UPS are manufacture under OHAS-18000 for operational health and safety. So, one can trust on this brand.

  1. Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd

Genus Power Infrastructure Ltd is an internal part of famous Kailash Group and an ISO 9000:2008 certified company in India. Genus primarily deals in manufacturing and distributing of home and online UPS systems, inverters, batteries, electronic energy meters etc. across India and world. The R&D laboratory of Genus is approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

  1. Microtek International Pvt Ltd

With the complete range of digital and sine wave inverters from 400 VA to 2000 Microtek stands on position 4. All inverters which have been designed and developed by Microtek’s highly experienced R&D team. Instead of this all manufacturing of Microtek is awarded and certified by ISO 9001:2000.

  1. Delta Power Solutions India Private Limited

If you want high quality inverter at very affordable prices then you can go with Delta as the company’s main motto to provide high quality products at affordable prices. Company offering 600 VA to 4000 KVA inverter to its consumers with advanced inverter systems & power back up solutions.

  1. Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt Ltd

The company was founded in the year 1983 as Hi-Rel Electronics Pvt. Ltd and now become Hitachi Group Company, Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Hitachi constantly strive to offer customer complete customized solutions to keep them ahead in this competitive arena.

  1. Exide Inverters Plus Batteries

Exide inverters required very less maintenance and this is an established brand in the Indian market. You can instantly Exide inverters because the batteries and inverters com fully charged which can be connected immediately for use after purchasing.

  1. V-Guard Industries Ltd

V-Guard has own R&D labs in Cochin and Coimbatore to explore and reinvent existing products and designs. As the company started manufacturing unit for voltage stabilizer now have around 1850 employees, over 250 distributors and service centers.

  1. Consul Consolidated P Ltd

It is an ISO 9000 and 140001 certified company. It has established a competitive network of 6 primary regional offices and 30 branches offices in different parts of the country. Consul has also acquired Pune based Megatech Power Equipments Pvt Ltd.

  1. True Power International Ltd

True power grow very rapidly with the passage of time as the company is incorporate in the year 1993 and produce high quality of inverters. Some of the popular inverter of True powers are Saphire, Signature & Hulk.

As these are the some popular UPS inverter brands in India instead of this some other brands becoming popular in local areas and Indian market as well which I have listed below.

List of Leading UPS Inverter Brands in India

Amara Raja Electronics Ltd
Riello PCI India Pvt Ltd
Uniline Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
Aplab Limited
Tritronics India Pvt Ltd
Epoch Electronica Ltd
APC Inverter
Birla Power Inverter
ARISE Inverter
Numeric Power Systems Ltd
Prestolite Inverter Battery
HBL Tubular Inverter Batteries
Aegan Inverter Batteries

Hope you enjoyed the article and now able to measure what type of UPS Inverter you actually need. At the end just want to give you additional advise that before buying any of the brand just check its customer reviews, service after sale etc. At the end don’t forget to give your feedback regarding this article thank you so much for giving your time.