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How to Apply / Register Online EWS/DG Admission for Nursery, KG & Class 1 in Schools of Delhi 2018-19

Admission for session 2018-19 in Schools of Delhi are starts under EWS/DG category and all those parents who want to apply under this category for their child can do it online and in today’s post I will let you know how you can apply or register online for ews/dg admission for Nursery (Primary), KG (Pre-Primary) & Class 1 in varied schools of Delhi. As the process is quite lengthy so please read it carefully and you can read it twice or once as per your choice and I recommend you to bookmark or save this page for future references as it will help you lot in ews registration 2018-19.

Here is how you can register & apply online for ews/dg admission in Delhi School’s

EWs/DG registration & filling application form both are different steps and I have also split it accordingly so that, you can easily understand it and can take further action, however if DOE made any modification in steps we will update it accordingly, so you can stay in touch with us for latest and fast updates on EWS Admission 2018-19.

EWS/DG Admission Registration Process

  • Please visit the official site of Directorate of Education (DOE) Edudel.nic.in
  • On the right hand side corner you will find  “Registration for New User” click on it
  • Due to any reason you are unable to find the link just access this link http://edustud.nic.in/mis/studentadmission/login.aspxhttp://edustud.nic.in/mis/studentadmission/login.aspx
  • You will land on a new page here you will ask to choose option “Select Class” now choose the class Nursery, KG or Class 1 for which you want to apply choose it accordingly.
  • Now fill the form accordingly and all field are marked with the red is mandatory to fill
  • Fill your personal details such as:
    • Name of Child
    • Mobile Number
    • Email Address
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Proof of Date of Birth etc
  • Now you will see 3 options choose that one through which you have receive the birth certificate i.e. hospital, anganwadi, Mention your annual income which should not be more than Rs. 1 Lakh. Now the form will ask to choose “EWS” or “DG”

If you register for EWS

  • If you are registering for EWS category you have to provide Income Certificate
  • If you have income certificate choose it and enter the income certificate number in it or if you have applied then choose it accordingly and enter your income certificate registration number in it.

If you register for DG category

  • If you are registering for DG category choose “DG” in the form
  • Now you have to choose type of “DG” like SC, ST, OBC, Orphan, Transgender, Child with Special Needs etc., choose the appropriate option.
  • DG Proof Certificate Issued/Applied for choose accordingly and finally click on and enter its number
  • After filling the form click on register button
  • You will receive Registration Number and Password note it down you will receive the same on your mobile number
  • After receiving the registration number and password go to next step fill application form online as well the steps are as follows.

How to Correct / Delete Incorrect Information in EWS Application Registration Form

Here is How to Apply or Fill EWS/DG  Admission Application form Online

Please carry your registration id and password with you before you start the process.

  • Once again visit EduDel.nic.in
  • Click on “EWS/DG Admission” now hit “Login” button and enter your registration number and password.
  • A new page will be open with information already filled at the time of registration which cannot be edited / updated.

Fill in requisite/mandatory fields marked with red asterisks (*).

Step 1: Please fill all the details carefully as you are not able to modify it later fill personal details such as

  • Parents / Guardian Details
  • Residential Address
  • Locality
  • Sub-Locality

If you do not find the sub‐locality/sub‐sub locality in which your residence is located, then select the nearest sub‐locality /sub ‐ sub locality. It is vital information as it only will be used to reflect the schools in different distance ranges from your residential area. So be extra careful. Once all fields are filled, click on preview button. Carefully re ‐ read all information. If you want to make any changes/corrections click on “back” button & make correction. If everything is okay, click on “submit” button.

On clicking the “submit” button, a screen with message ‐ “You cannot edit the information after  submission. sure you want to submit the  application?” with two options “OK” or “CANCEL” will appear. Click “OK” button is clicked, a message will  appear on the  screen “Information has been successfully submitted. You cannot change any information of step 1. Now Go to Step 2”.

Step 2: Click on “Step 2” button .At step 2 page (Choice of Schools 0 ‐ 1 Km), the list of schools in 0 ‐ 1 km  will be displayed. Click “Add” button to give priority to the schools. You can also delete the name of the chosen school from the priority list by clicking on the “Delete” button. After completing your priorities click on “Submit” button. You can choose as many as school you want.

After clicking submit button, a message will appear on the screen “Information successfully submitted. If you want to edit the choice of schools then go back to step  ‐ 2 , otherwise go to step ‐ 3”. If you don’t want to opt for any school in the 0 ‐ 1 Km distance range, click on red button “Click Here if do not want to apply in any of the following schools” to go to step 3.

After clicking the red button the following screen with the information will be displayed.

Step 3: (Choice of Schools 1 ‐ 3 Kms) has the schools in distance range of 1 ‐ 3 Kms. Repeat the process mentioned at Serial No. 2.10 to 2.14 above for completing step 3.

Step 4: (Choice of Schools 3 ‐  6 Kms) has the schools in the distance range of 3 ‐ 6 Kms. Again repeat the process mentioned at Serial No. 2.10 to 2.14 above for completing step 4.

Step 5: (Choice of Schools above 6 Kms) has the schools in the distance range of above 6 Kms. Again repeat the process mentioned at Serial No. 2.10 to 2.14 above for completing step 5. You can add maximum of 5 schools in this distance range. After completing step 5, click step 6 (Final Submission & Print)

A page with the entire application form  with filled in details  will open. If you are okay with priority assigned to schools, tick mark accepting the declaration statement & click Final Submit button.

Step 6: After final submission, A page will appear with message “You cannot change the choice of schools after final submission. Are you sure you want to submit the application two buttons wil be there “OK”  & “Cancel”.

If you are okay with the priorities assigned to the schools click on “OK” button. If not & want to make corrections/changes, click “cancel” button.

If you are okay with the priorities assigned to the schools click on “OK” button. If not & want to make corrections/changes, click “cancel” button.

if you click “Cancel” button, you can again visit step 2 to 5. Make necessary changes in priorities and repeat from Serial Number 2.16 onwards.

If you click “OK” button, your application form will be submitted & all the information filled will be freezed. Thus no change can be made in the application form thereafter.

Then the page will appear with option of “Print” button. Take printout of application form for your future reference.

Print out can be taken again also by logging in by using your reigsteration number / Login ID & password by clicking the link “Login if already registered” on the home page.

Hope you find the said information helpful incase have any query or suggestion please drop it in below comment box.

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