Happy Holi


India is known to be the home of diverse culture and religion. Center to the diverse and rich Indian heritage are the various festivals celebrated by people in different regions of the country. One such festival is Holi or also known as the “festival of colors.”The festival is celebrated on the day after the full moon day which is known as Phalguna as per the Hindu calendar. In ancient times, Holi was celebrated to mark the arrival of the spring season as an agricultural festival.Happy Holi

Today Holi is celebrated over a span of two days and marks the triumph of good over evil. The festival has a deep religious significance and is rooted in Hindu mythology. Legend has it that an evil king by the name of Hiranyakashipu prevented his son, Prahlad from worshipping Lord Vishnu. However, Prahlad was a devotee of the deity. Angered by this, the evil king ordered that Prahlad isseated on a pyre with his evil aunt Holika.

Everyone was taken by surprise when Holika was burnt down to ashes while the Lord Vishnu devotee escaped from the fire without even a single scar on his body.It is this burning of the evil Holika which is celebrated as the festival across the nation.This is the first day of the festival where people arrange a public bonfire to celebrate the festival. Those who celebrate Holi come out in the streets and apply powdered colors of different types on their friends and family. People tend to lose themselves completely free during the celebrations. It is a pleasant site to watch where people from different backgrounds gather to celebrate the festival of colors irrespective of sex, age, color, etc. Once everyone has played with colors, they go back to their homes and clean themselves up. Post this, people wear new clothes and go to each other’s homes where they exchange various gifts and sweets.