Happy Dussehra


Dussehra is a festival celebrated in the Northern part of India which is marked on the tenth day from Navratri. According to mythology, Bhagwan Shri Ram along with his brother Shri Laxman and wife Sita Devi went into exile for 14 years.  She was abducted by Ravana, and she was kept at Ashok Vatika for a long time. When Shri Ram arrived at Lanka, there took a fierce battle thereby defeating the mighty demon King Ravana.  Ravana is considered as an evil force and Shri Ram the authority of God. Dussehra is celebrating the figure of Ravana which signifies the win of good over evil.Happy Dussehra

Dussehra is a national holiday across India. In various towns and villages, an act of Ramayana called ‘Ramleela’ takes place in front of the spectators so that they can recollect, worship and remember the stories of Lord Rama again.  Actors dress as the main characters of the play and enact to the best of their abilities.  Dussehra is celebrated across various corners of India which includes multiple customs. In Southern India, a big throne seated with an idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari which is mounted on elephants is paraded in Mysore of Karnataka. In Bengal, it is celebrated with the immersion of Goddess Durga and observing Bijoya Dasami.  There is another story regarding Dussehra, which says that the Pandavas hid their weapons in a tree before they went into exile for a year.  When they completed the term, they reached around the tree and worshipped it. They won the battle they were preparing for. This is also celebrated as Dussehra.

Villages have fair for the ten days, and then at the end, they celebrate Dusshera. The fairs and trades are of great importance, and there are many objects of household interest.  Starting from household goods and ending in cattle, everything is sold in the village fairs.