Diwali or Dipawali as it is popularly called is the festival of lights. It’s the main festival for Hindus. According to mythology, Ramchandra returned from exile with his wife Sita Devi and brother Lakshman when the subjects of Ayodhya greeted them with great pomp and grandeur.  They decorated their houses and the town with ghee lit lamps. They burst crackers to welcome the future king of Ayodhya.

India celebrates Diwali, and there is the different attraction like crackers and fireworks. In fact, there are various lighting chains which are bought by people to decorate their houses. Diverse business in India is centered around Diwali. FMCG, consumer goods, and advertising industry make their highest profits during this time of the year.  The government ensures safety during the period of Diwali.  The celebration of Diwali starts from Kali Chaudaas, then Badi Diwali and ends with Bhai duuj. The most significant festival in India is loved since the corporates offer Diwali bonus and incentives along with gifts for the family.  Diwali is the most awaited festival for the Indians. New clothes and jewelry wait along with other gifts for the family. It’s time that the elders seek blessings, and younger people show love and respect for the elders. It’s a time to unite with family and exchange messages of love and brotherhood.Diwali

Apart from decorating houses, Indians buy dry fruits and sweets which are usually gifted to friends and relatives. They exchange Diwali wishes and sweet packets. Visiting friends and family during the time of Diwali is an eminent culture.   People decorate their houses with rangoli and set diyas or decorated candles which create a magical ambiance.  There is an unsaid competition among the ladies in home décor and arranging rangoli.  Flowers are widely available, and one can buy bunches to glorify their homes. In fact, it’s considered the New Year for some.